Our organic restaurant serves fresh food harvested directly from out on site Permaculture farm. Hot soups, herbal teas, spicy local dishes, juicy fresh salads or just you old burger and chips (with fresh salad). We pride ourselves on being one of the only places you can get a decent healthy bite to eat in the south of Ethiopia, without paying through the nose for it. You can even go into the garden and select your own fresh veggies for your lunch should that take your fancy!

We offer a tranquil, hassle-free environment in which you can enjoy your dinner, without having to argue over the price or feel that you’ve been taken for a ride. If you’re heading to the Omo Valley drop in for a bite on your way from Arbaminch, or stop for a break and relax with a fresh coffee in the green oasis of our gardens on your way back.

Fresh, home-made dishes grown and cooked on site from our Permaculture Gardens

Organic Salads, Lettuces, Coriander, Fennel, Parsley, Fresh Vegetable Soup, Rice and Pasta with fresh vegetables, Pumpkin, Red and white cabbage, Paprika, Swiss chards, Beet-roots, Leeks, Chillis and garlic, Herbal teas

Konso Cultural Dancing and Music

We can also arrange Konso Cultural Dancing and Music by the local villagers for the evening for the cost of just ETB500 per group (no limits on size!). We will call our friends for a party and we’ll all dance and make merry together! They will show you how they do their local dance and you can also give it a go yourselves…

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